Friday, April 21, 2017

My Perception of God!

A chat on my school group, at Whatsapp, brought to mind a discussion that took place years ago (the year was 2005, to be precise). As the school gang discussed spirituality and karma, I was reminded of a question a friend had asked, ‘What is your perception of God, how do you perceive God?’

I got my thoughts in order and replied...

God is a shapeless, formless, an un-manifested entity; pure energy! I believe pure energy equals the Universe! The brilliant energy of the Universe that surrounds us is enough for me to bow my head in respect. That un-containable energy is one aspect of God.

The second aspect of God is my conscience. My conscience is my God! We all carry a part of the Universe within us. That Universe gives us a choice. It gives us the choice to walk a path that’s easy or walk a path that many fear to tread. It allows us to choose between right and wrong; between vanity and humility. It gives us the choice to be stubborn or flexible. We, as rational living beings, get to choose between the positive and negative aspects that permeate our existence. We choose! Depending on our choices we open ourselves up to life lessons; what most people term as Karma!

People ask me why I am brutally honest. If I hadn’t chosen to be kind, my reply to them would be, ‘Why are you not?’ Why is doing the right thing so difficult? Why is easier to lie than to be honest? Why is easier to pretend nothing happened, rather than apologize for a mistake? Why do people unfairly pull down an opponent instead of fighting fair? I, of course, can go on and on with examples of right and wrong. The point I’m trying to make is, the next time you encounter an instance wherein you have to decide upon a path, remember you have the ‘free will' to make the correct choice. Don’t let the external factors of daily life determine the path of your soul. Play fair with your soul. Take a moment, take a deep breath, and no matter how difficult, choose the path of ‘Ashoi’ (truth and goodness).

Remember; your choices, your decisions, will determine your ‘life lessons’. Your conscience ~ Your God!

~ Bawi ~

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